Kestell Poker & Card Tables

You know the old style octagon poker tables that you see from time to time at an estate sale or in an older movie? They look nostalgic and quality built. Almost as though there is a magical quality about the table, which enhances the poker game. If you have the same sentiment for this style of poker table, then a quality hardwood Kestell poker table is way to get this feel at your home poker game.

Family owned and operated, the Kestell furniture company has been in business for over 50 years and claims to be the oldest and largest maker of quality poker tables in the world. Their products are available only through retailers. You may find their products in your local billiards store or there are several online shops where you can order Kestell tables custom made and shipped to your home.

Many styles of table are available in the Kestell brand, but one of the most luxurious is the Kestell Model 86 poker table. The model 86 measures 52 inches across, includes a large pedestal base, your choice of maple or oak, choice of finish stain, choice of upholstery type and color, and many accessory choices. Also available are top quality folding chairs to match the poker table in all facets including the type of wood, stain, and upholstery. Furthermore, if the 52″ width seems a little too big, then you can downsize to the smaller model 98, which is exactly the same except for its 48″ width.

If you want the same size playing surface as either the model 86 or 98, but need a table that is storable, then you should consider the Kestell Model 83 poker table. This table has the same quality top as the previous models with all the same custom options, but is made with sturdy 2” legs and quality “Sur-Loc” folding mechanisms. Once again if the 52” surface is too much, there is a 48” counterpart available in the Kestell Model 91 poker table.

For a folding leg table with an extra dose of the nostalgic style described at the beginning of this article, be sure to view the Kestell Model 85 Poker Table. This period style table is available in maple or oak wood and sports the large 52” playing surface. The folding legs and rails around the table are uniquely designed to give this table an antique feel. Don’t worry, there are no limitations on the options for this beautiful table, since you can make all of the custom selections for wood and upholstery.

Suppose you are interested in a quality Kestell table, but in a simpler form. There are at least two options available for this situation. One is the Kestell Model 48 poker table which is 48 inches wide, made from oak, and is available in a variety of stains and upholstery options. Yet another option for limited space is the Kestell model 9W poker table. The model 9W is a folding leg table that is made of oak and measures 42 inches across. With a similar variety of finish options, the compact 9W is perfect for small apartments.

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